Iris Becker Elementary

NWEA Testing Begins Today

NWEA-MAP testing begins today for all students in grades kindergarten through fifth. This test helps us identify students’ strengths as well as areas to focus on throughout the school year. Students in grades k-2nd will take this test in math, and reading.  All students in grades 3rd through 5th will take the math, reading, language, and science test.  Some things you could do to help ensure your child does well are the following:

  • Please be sure your child eats a healthy breakfast before school daily
  • Encourage your child to take their time on this test. Reread the questions and select the BEST answer.
  • Encourage your child to read every night as well as orally explain what he/she read about. This practice helps enhance reading comprehension and builds oral language.

Please contact us if you should have any questions about anything at all. (313) 827-6950

Thank you,

Mrs. Zreik


Becker Elementary