Student Code of Conduct

If your child is absent or late, please call 827-6950.


Student   Conduct

We have a  district Student Conduct Policy which we will reinforce through      encouraging positive behavior and guiding students to practice our Core  Values (Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Courtesy and   Citizenship). We will also focus on our Response to Bullying Behavior by   teaching and encouraging anti-bullying behaviors.  We will also hold three Response to   Bullying Behavior assemblies throughout the year.

We need  your help in working with your child to practice anti-bullying behaviors and outstanding citizenship skills. We ask that you support our efforts and follow up at home by reinforcing rules and procedures. Please attend all of our parent meetings and find out more information about our school’s  policies.

You  will be asked to sign a Parent Compact Packet in the beginning of the  year. Please read it and discuss it with your child, then both of you      should sign it and return it to your child’s teacher.























































Safety, Health, and Citizenship:


  • Remind        your child to go straight home after school and to cross only where we        have safety guards.
  • Remind        your child to stop and look both ways before he/she crosses the street.
  • Students        should not wear very short clothes or tank tops.
  • On gym days, remind your child        to bring gym clothes and to wear gym shoes.
  • If        your child brings lunch from home, make sure his/her lunch is healthy.        (Avoid junk food and soft drinks).
  • MAKE        SURE TO SEND LUNCH WITH YOUR CHILD IF YOU DO NOT WANT THEM EATING IN        SCHOOL AND GIVE IT TO HIM/HER IN THE MORNING. We will not disrupt the        classroom to call the student down to get lunch.
  • Any child who        uses violence or profanity will most likely be suspended from school.
  • If        your child reports a problem happening in school, you should call us and        let us know before you take action.
  • In        case of any major problem or injury happening in school, we will contact        you immediately.
  • No        child should come to school before 8:30 or stay after 3:35 for safety        reasons.
  • No kindergartener will be        allowed to leave school without his/her parent or whoever is on the        emergency card.  First graders        should never be allowed to walk to or from alone.
  • Do        not stop your car in the middle of the street to pick up a child. Pull        to the side of the street before you pick students up. Please slow down and        drive very carefully by the school.
  • Call the school by 8:00 if        your child is going to be absent.
  • Come to the office first if        you need to pick up your child during the day or if you have something        to drop off. Please do not go straight to class.
  • Wait        for your child outside the school or by the front door.
  • If you need to meet with a        teacher concerning your child, please call or email your child’s teacher        to schedule a time.
  • Go over the rules you get from        the teacher with your child and encourage them to follow directions.
  • Practice        safety rules at home and be consistent when implementing your rules.
  • When        a child is ill or shows signs of illness, parents will be contacted and        the child will be sent home.
  • Your child’s safety is        priority to us, and with your cooperation and help, we can insure all        children’s well being and try our best to keep them safe and happy.
  • Please try to demonstrate to        your child by practicing safety rules and enforcing them at home as        well.




Any   medication (prescription or over-the-counter) that you need for your child to   take in school must be done in the office after you sign a consent form.  No child is allowed to take medicine   without you completing that form.   Any questions, feel free to call us at   827-6950


Parent Meetings


Most teachers have already held their   Classroom or Grade Level Parent Meeting.    We will hold monthly Parent and PTA meetings beginning in October.  If you have done so already, please return   the parent survey concerning topics of interest for our monthly parent   meetings.  Becker is also very excited   to welcome back Ms. Margaret King-Ahmed who will once again offer “Parent   Talk.”  Her classes will begin in   November!  More information about all   of our Parent Meetings, as well as “Morning Coffee with the Principal” will   be posted in the October Newsletter.


Open House


The Becker Elementary Open   House is scheduled for Thursday, September 20th from   4:30-6:00.  Please make every effort to   attend with your child!  This is a   wonderful chance to meet your child’s teacher, visit their classroom, tour   the school, and meet all of the staff at Becker.  The PTA will have a table in the front   hallway.  For a small fee you can join   the Becker PTA and make an investment in your child’s education and support   activities and assemblies sponsored by the PTA.

Becker Elementary

10821 Henson, Dearborn, MI 48126

(313) 827-6950





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