Big Read Kick-Off on Sunday, March 18th at 3:00

Please consider attending this great event! Please see attached flyer.

Big Read 2017-18 Flyer Kickoff FINAL

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Guest Reader: Dr. Chochol Reads to our Students

Dr. Chochol read to our students today!

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Detroit Lions’ Roary Came to Becker to Encourage Students to Read!

Students had a great time having Coach Chris, Coach Pat and of course Roary come out to our school and talk to students about the importance of reading! Thank you to our March is Reading Month Comitee for organizing this event and to our PTA for making this possible!

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Ms. Reslan’s Class goes on a Treasure Hunt

Students in Ms. Reslan’s kindergarten class learned about map key, positional words, and why we may need maps. Students had the opportunity to apply their learning on their very own treasure hunt. At the end of the lesson students reflected on their experience in writing and got to eat their treasure!

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Chairman of the Wayne County Commission, Mr. Gary Woronchak Reads to Students at Becker!

Thank you to Mr. Woronchack for reading to our students today! Students were so excited to learn about his role in government and loved the books that he read. We are so grateful to have such exciting guest readers!

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Parent Workshops

Thank yo to all of the parents who attend both our kindergarten parent workshop and the first grade, and Ms. Gomez’s 1/2 class! Our continued partnership is really important and we are so appreciative of your continued support!


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Congratulations to all of our students of the month!

Congratulations to the students who were identified as students of the month! Keep up the great work!

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Letter from the Superintendent

(Sent on behalf of Superintendent Maleyko. This can also be found on his blog-
March 8, 2018
On February 14th the breaking news reported another mass shooting, this time it was taking place at a high school in Florida.  It’s been almost a month since this tragic event occurred; students and staff have returned to the building but they will never be able to return to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School they once knew. The students, parents, and our fellow educators in Florida will have many emotional days ahead. We stand with them and support their efforts to heal as they struggle to find a new normal in their daily lives.
The horrific event in Florida once again began a national conversation about school safety, gun violence, and the steps we need to take as a society to address these issues. A loud voice in this national conversation has come from students.  Part of that student voice is being heard through a series of planned student demonstrations. On March 14th students across the country, mostly at the high school level, are organizing a “school wide walk out” beginning at 10 a.m. and lasting for 17 minutes. The event is being organized on a national level by Women’s March Youth Empower.
Anticipating that students in Dearborn will be taking part in this day of protest, administrators at each high school met with student leaders to discuss what they may be planning to do on March 14th. After talking with our students, it appears that all of our high schools will focus their assemblies on remembering and honoring the seventeen people who were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Just some of the planned activities include a moment of silence, gathering in a circle and placing seventeen flowers in the center, displaying posters/pictures of each victim and reading their names, reading statements of support for the students in Florida, and other related activities.  The students have made it clear that they want their demonstration to be meaningful and any student who isn’t willing to take this seriously should not take part.  For those students who do not wish to take part, they will be able to remain in a supervised area of the school.
As a public school district we cannot, and will not, take part in organizing these student lead walk outs but we are legally and morally obligated to honor their first amendment rights. Our role as a District is not to support or deny students from participating, rather to ensure the safety of students during their planned walk out.  Our administrative team will be working with all of our high schools, supported by the Dearborn Police, to ensure that student safety is the priority. As part of our safety plan, we will be restricting access to school property to only students and school staff.  Parents, community members, media, and others will not be allowed on school property during the 17 minute walk out.
Students will not be disciplined for taking part in the demonstrations as long as their actions remain peaceful and does not significantly disrupt the learning environment.  Students at the middle and elementary level are not expected to be part of the walk out, but schools are prepared to address each situation on an individual basis.
In the Dearborn Public Schools we value the importance of hearing a variety of viewpoints, want the young people in our schools to be critical thinkers, seek out teachable moments beyond the classroom, and strive for our students to develop thoughtful opinions based on facts and knowledge not rumor and gossip. We are confident that our students will not take advantage of this student lead event and trust that they have the maturity to honor the spirit and meaning behind it. We encourage students and parents to have a conversation prior to March 14th regarding the value and reasons for participating in any type of protest or demonstration.
Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D.
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Guest Reader: Dr. Maleyko Reads to Students

Thank you to Dr. Maleyko for reading to our students today! After he read to them students asked him questions about snow days. Students got a chance to understand the rationale behind the process.

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Chess Team Takes Third at District Chess Championship: Congratulations Becker Bearcats!

Congratulations to our Becker Chess Team for getting third place! We are so proud of them, their coach, and their parents! Go Bearcats!



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