Congratulations to our Honor Roll and High Achieving Students for the First Card Marking!

Congratulations to our Honor Roll students for the first card marking!

Ms. Berry 4th grade class:

Ali, Nabiha, and Abraham

Ms. Habhab 4th grade class:

AliRadha, Norma, Ali, Zaineb, Mona, and Mahdy

Ms. Islam 5th grade:

Madison, Hussein A., Hassan, Arkan, Maya, Hussein C., Amani, Ali, and Fatmeh

Ms. Khansa 5th grade:

Abdallah, Noor, Maram, Zainab, and Mohammad

High Achievement Award Students:

Essay Response Winners:

Abraham H.(4th grade); Samya N. (4th grade); Ali F.;(5th grade); Noor I.(5th grade):

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