Iris Becker Elementary

Parent Opportunity at FHS

Program Rationale:

Since technology is rapidly changing, parents and community members are struggling to adapt and use technology in a meaningful way, a program that works to bring parents up to speed regarding technology tools and bridge the digital divide is most essential.


Assist parents and community members incorporate technology into their everyday lives.


  • Building relationship with parents and community members

o    Increases parent involvement which fosters parental support and this produces positive change and school improvement

  • Serves multiple publics

o    homemakers/entrepreneurs

  • Working to bridge the digital divide

o    bringing parents up to speed


  • Technology skills sessions
  • Choice sessions
  • 3 days this year (November, January, spring)
  • Time 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm

Kids Club:

  • Run by NHS students
  • Watch Disney movie projected on promethean board
  • Activities in gym or a separate room
  • one adult teacher in room in addition to NHS students


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