Iris Becker Elementary

School Zone Safety

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

The Dearborn Police  Department takes your children’s safety seriously. The Dearborn Public Schools and the Dearborn Police Department have teamed up to ensure all students are safe, especially during drop-off/pick-up times.

The Dearborn Police Officers have strongly advised that the fire lane never be blocked and should only be a drop-off/ pick-up lane. The traffic needs to be consistently moving. No one should stand or park in this area.

If your child is not outside upon your arrival and you are in the fire lane, it is advised that you wrap around the school and come back to pick up your child. This has been the recommendation of the police officers.

We are asking all our families to abide by traffic laws. The Dearborn Police Department will be giving tickets if traffic laws are not followed.  Attached is a map indicating how the traffic must flow. We will continue to help assist with traffic so there is no confusion.

Thank you for driving responsibly!